About Us

We are proud to announce the opening of our tile cutting plant, which was put into operation in January 2020. The unit provides a home to first class technical machinery, which is fully suitable for the professional cutting of ceramic tiles, thus meeting a great many individual needs.

The path to the opening involved several stages, including an in-depth technical training programme, making sure that our colleagues will be able to manage your incoming requests with outstanding expertise.

Our products

  • Stair Tiles
    anti-slip etching
  • Jolly tiles
    cutting method for the perpendicular joining of corner pieces
  • Plinth
    with rounded edges
  • 20 mm tile
    with rounded edges




Phone number: +36309008679
Email address: katto@katto.hu
Opening hours: Monday- Friday: 08:00-16:00

2040 Budaörs,
Gyár utca 2.,
BITEP Telep,
Zsigmondy Richárd utca,
46-os épület