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This website is operated (with the exception of the external websites accessible through the hyperlinks) by Katto Kft.

Operator’s data:

Katto Kft. 

Registered office: H-2040 Budaörs, lot no.: 10855/15

Tax number: 26629236-2-13

Name of representative: Balázs Rudner, Managing Director 


Telephone number: +36 30 900-8679


If you disagree with the content of this Notice, do not use the website or the services available through it.


The website qualifies as work protected by copyright. You have the right to print or download to hard disk certain parts of the website and share it with other persons provided that you do so solely for the purpose of providing information. 

All copies taken by you (not including the back-up version of the website on hard disk) must contain the following copyright notice: Copyright © Katto Kft. All rights reserved.

In the absence of prior written approval it is forbidden to copy, reproduce or republish the website in full or in part, or any details of it for purposes other than to provide information (e.g. for commercial purposes) and/or to distort, mangle, utilise the content of the website in full or in part, to use or sell without the written approval of Katto Kft, in its capacity as author. 

In the absence of prior written approval, it is forbidden to modify the website (or any part of it), or incorporate it in any other work, printed document, blog, in a proprietary or third party website as a list of examples.

The reader or user of the website shall acknowledge that the author shall be entitled to a penalty fee if the website is used without a licence to use. The penalty amount shall be HUF 25 thousand gross per sentence and/or image and/or video. The reader or user of this website shall acknowledge that the penalty amount is not excessive and shall use the website fully aware of this. Upon any breach of the copyright, Katto Kft. will procure a notarial certificate of facts and charge the infringing user for the related costs.


Katto Kft. has compiled the content of the website with the greatest possible care; however, it operates solely for the purpose of information and depending on the decision of Katto Kft. it changes/may change. In view of the foregoing, Katto Kft. takes no responsibility for the accuracy, comprehensiveness, correctness and up-to-date condition of the website, or for its operation without interruption and faults.

Up to the degree permitted by the law, Katto Kft. hereby rejects all responsibility for any direct and/or indirect damage caused by your use of the website and/or resulting therefrom in any way, including, but not limited to, the damage caused by and/or resulting from the following in any way:

  • any activity performed by you, which may have been prompted by the information, data or service published on the website;
  • the impossibility of using the website; 
  • incorrectness, incompleteness or obsoleteness of certain information on the website.

The limitations specified in the previous paragraph shall not apply if and when the damage, death or bodily injury is the consequence of Katto Kft’s wilful act, omission or gross negligence.


The hyperlinks included in the website are only for easier access, and the display of any of the links does not represent Katto Kft’s approval of the content of the website accessible through the hyperlink. Katto Kft. takes no responsibility for the content of the websites accessible through the links, or for the links included on such websites. The use of the data and information accessed on the website and through the hyperlinks shall be the sole responsibility of the user.

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The website may use embedded player technologies (e.g. Youtube). By using the website, you accept the terms and conditions of use. Due to the fact that the website uses embedded technology, you also accept the conditions applicable to the use of the embedded technology. (in the case of Youtube:

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Should you have any question or complaints in connection with the website, you can contact Katto Kft at:

e-mail:; telephone number: +36 30 900-8679.

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Name: Siteground LLC.

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