This Austrian brand is one of Europe’s top building material producers, and the master of thermal insulation systems for facades that has been present on the market for over 30 years. Baumit’s business policy and the standards it guarantees are in line with our company’s principles. A wide range of accessories are available for tiles and stones at Baumit Kft, which can be purchased through Katto Kft, thus easing the users’ everyday lives.

Relying on our extensive experience, we have made a collection of potential accessories necessary for tiles, stones and plumbing fixtures. If you have any questions or would like to request an offer, please do not hesitate to contact us at


  • Single-component compound for sealing (Protect)
  • Fibreglass reinforced sealing tape (Strap)
  • Sealing tape resistant to solvent-free service water (Proof)
  • Sealing and stress relieving plate

Repair compound

  • Cement-based repair compound (Preciso, Preciso Speed)


  • Sanitary silicone (Baumacol Silikon)

Self-levelling compounds

  •  1–12 mm (Nivello 10)
  •  1–20 mm (Nivello Quattro)

Adhesive for tiles and stones

  • Thick-bed adhesive for tiles and stones (FlexMarmor)
  • Thin-bed adhesive for tiles and stones (FlexTop, FlexUni)
  • Adhesive for tiles and stones (Baumacol Standard)


  • Dispersion-based primer (Grund)
  • Special dispersion-based bonding agent (SuperGrund)
  • Quick-hardening dry concrete (FixBeton)


  • Concrete repair mortar (BetoFill)
  • Flexible joint mortar (Premium Fuge)